Well now – have you ever felt like this?  There are days when my old bones do indeed feel just this way. 

I came upon this pair in a prairie dog town between Boulder and Longmont, Colorado on a recent visit there.  It made me laugh to just see them.  I had to stop and get some photos. 

Looking around, I tried to figure out why these two were here.  There was no indication that there was ever a home there.  No crumbled foundation anywhere.  Then again, no home would need a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ would it?  Next, I thought of a church or even a school.  Still, no indication of any building nearby. 

After looking more, I noticed several fallen down, fenced off areas, like paddocks and at the end of the field the type of open ended shelter used for livestock.  Perhaps this had been a stock auction or small rodeo grounds. 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to talk to some of the locals who have been here 50 years?  They’d have the answers.  As it is, speculating on the former life of these old outhouses is as much fun as actually knowing the facts.  ~pam


  1. very interesting, very! I wonder why since everything is gone they did not just push them over and get rid of the wood? i think you are right, it would not be a home with a two of them. i love to look at old things and places and buildings and ponder on what went on there so many years ago

  2. Isn't it peculiar? I'm glad they weren't 'cleaned up' and gotten rid of. Then, we'd not have this question to ponder on. Of course, if they were in the yard next door to my house, I'd feel differently. These were well out of town, no houses around. ~pam