Little pleasures

Life is so full of little pleasures.  If I take the time to really notice them, it’s amazing what little pleasures can do to life the heart. 

Why in the world am I rattling on about a little pleasure?  It just struck me as I was pouring my first cup of coffee of the day.  I no longer have to wait until the entire pot is brewed.  This newest coffeemaker has the interrupt feature.  As soon as there is at least a cup full brewed I can just pour it out and return the pot to finish by itself.  No waiting – no watching the pot so it doesn’t boil over. 

Another little pleasure?  My little Doxie/Chihuahua wants to snuggle on a chilly morning.  She’s a joy to hold – like my own live babydoll.  Dad held her so I could get the photo. 

My list of little pleasures include watching the sunlight glint off the swaying Areca palm outside my door.  Beautiful winter sunsets that are like fire in the sky.  Foggy, misty mornings watching the Florida sun give birth to the day.

When I was a young momma, I just had to snatch a minute here and there for these little pleasures.  My days were full of caring for my kiddies, husband, job and home. 

So the last of my pleasures I’ll ramble about is really a big, big pleasure.  The gift of time!  The incredible gift of time to do the things I didn’t have time for when I was younger.  Time to tend to a few rose bushes - walking my doggies – a bike ride through the county park – reading an entire novel in one day– needlework – the time to wander through the entire newspaper and enjoy my second cup of coffee.  ~Pam


This morning was the first foggy morning of many that we’ll have this winter in SW Florida. 

I love this kind of morning.  Although the flow of traffic - trucks, cars and school buses are the same as any weekday morning, the fog seems to dampen the sound somehow.  It is mystically quiet.  Like being inside a dream that you can barely recall when awake. 

In one way, it is like the first soft snow of winter.   That too seems to dampen sound, making the world a grey/white blur of quiet, like a Monet painting.  Only the impression of the trees and houses penetrate the fog.  Sharp lines are blurred and softened, like the softened sounds all around. 

Don’t get the idea I want to experience winter and snow again.  No way!!  Memories are enough.  I tell folks that if I want to see snow, I’ll buy a picture calendar.   

P.S. the photo is not SW Florida, but was taken in Missouri last summer, but it's pretty isn't it?~Pam



Oh how I love local newspapers!  When I’m traveling, I always like to buy the local newspaper.  I will read everything, from local news articles, upcoming events, editorials and even skim the classifieds.  What is for sale?  Cattle?  Which breed?  What is the price of housing?  What sports do the local highschool participate in?  Are there issues to be resolved about street lighting, school board squabbles, fresh water or sewer problems?

What can give me the flavor of a community better than seeing what is considered important to the local people?  All this is addressed in the local newspaper more accurately than the glossy brochures from their local Chamber of Commerce. 

Now, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my seasonal visitor and special friend and neighbor here in SW Florida brought me The Chronicle Herald from Halifax, Nova Scotia!!  Even the insert ads are interesting.  Canada Tire has 30% off on your own sauna “safe, reliable and easy to assemble”.  I have never imagined having my own sauna.  Maybe Missouri’s and Florida’s hot, humid summers mean I’ll pass on that.  She couldn’t have brought me anything I’d have liked better. 

Are you a newspaper reader?  I understand that people younger than my 70+ years get most of their news from the internet.  I’ve no argument with that.  But for now, I’m glad I can pick up the daily newspaper from my doorstep, get my morning coffee and read what is going on in the world. 

Now – to a major gripe with my partner.  Our Sun Herald comes in several sections.  The stickler in me requires that I re-fold the section I’ve read back to its original order when I’m done.  Then I pick up section B to read about the latest squabble at the City Council meeting.  Councilman X accused the Mayor of mis-handling city funds.  Voices are raised in the Council room--- to be continued on page 4.”  But there is no page 4!  Where is it?  Did he take it to the bathroom?  The porch?  Or is that it crumpled up on the chair?  By this time my blood pressure is up. 

Watch for tomorrow’s newspaper headline – “Man beaned with skillet in the Senior Citizen Mobile Home Park.  Charges are pending”.