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Its been a long time since I’ve posted anything.  What’s my excuse?  Busy?  Yeah, I guess----  It’s said retired people are the busiest. 
Canal leading to Peace river

Once I’d returned to my SW Florida home it seemed I hit the door at a fast trot.  There was catching up to do around the house, re-connecting with neighbors, getting settled in again. 

One big change was that I sold my beloved motorhome before leaving Missouri.   Maintenance had become just too much for this 70+ granny to care for along with the house here. 

Well---- those who have been reading my post would know the Gypsy in me nagged me almost to death about no wheels!  I argued with her over several months – reason vied with desire.  End result is I now own a 24 foot Coachman travel trailer.  I already have a full sized pick-up truck so I can pull it.  Now, all I have to do is learn how to do that. 
back water to Peace River

My special delight this winter was making friends with another solo RVer.  She is from Canada and spent few months here in our warm winter climate.  We did many things together:  sewing charity quilts, going antiquing, attending music performances, eating out and most fun of all, kayaking.  We paddled the canals and Gulf Coast in Punta Gorda.  Several times we paddled my favorite Peace River.  She was fascinated with the fossils that can be found and probably took home a coffee cup full of sharks teeth and a few other bits of turtle shells and bones.  We already have plans to get together next winter when she returns. 

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