First flight

First blog for me.  Here are my beloved pets Willy and Sophie.  Willy is the old man, 12 years in this photo, Sophie is 9 months.  In this photo, Willy seems to be saying "get away, little sister, you're stealing my thunder".


  1. hi, Peggy sherman sent me by. I love her blog and love dogs and live in Bradenton, so i am not far from you. i have been blogging for a little over a year. welcome to blog land. your dogs are adorable. i have two blogs, check out fourpawsetc for my dogs and madsnapper for my daily post.

  2. Sandra, I hope this goes to you. Peggy has been a very patient teacher, but this old gal is still learning. Worst is that I'm forgetting what she told me.

    Anyway if you get this, thanks for reading my ramblings. Love the shot of one of your babies tasting the pool water! - pam