Summer Adventure 2012

This summer is a new adventure with my new (to me) travel trailer.  Instead leaving it to languish in a storage lot, I’ve moved to a State Park as a volunteer for the summer.  This was something I’d explored in a hit or miss fashion before but never quite acted on.  Why did I wait so long?  
Perhaps it was a bit of fear of the unknown?  I’d never done anything like this before.  The stifling attitude of staying with the familiar was part of it.  My inner Gypsy was getting antsy. 

Heck!  Why did I wait so long?  This is a fun adventure but sure doesn’t cost much in gas.  My ‘work’ puts me in touch with others who are RVers as well as the other folks who enjoy State Parks.  As I hear their adventures, I ‘see’ places I may never get to visit, I hear stories about people I’ll never meet, I hear stories of snafu’s, and learn tricks of the RVing life.  Why did I wait so long? 

Changing from a Class C to a pick-up truck and a travel trailer is its own adventure.  Fortunately, no one was watching as I worked at backing my 24 foot Coachmen into its’ spot.  I was studiously remembering the advice I was given.  “Put my hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and slowly move it in the direction I want the trailer to go”.  That worked for awhile.  I pulled forward and backed up again – and again – and again.  Thinking all the while “remember – just do the opposite thing from what comes naturally”.   More pulling forward and backing up.  I wanted to be in the shade of the tree and leave as much space as possible for my awning – but not run completely over the electric and water post.  Back up – pull forward – back up – pull forward.  After awhile, I couldn’t remember which of the ‘opposite’ I was supposed to be doing.  It was hilarious!  Like having my glasses on upside down or something.

At last after about 3 gallons of gas, I’m in my spot for now.  Why did I wait so long to learn how to do this? Inertia? 

I think I’ll blog about that!!                     Thanks for reading.  ~pam & poochies   

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