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Boat ramp Lake Manatee State Park

On the morning TV show I heard that author Nora Ephron had passed away.  Since I always seem to be behind the times regarding current events, I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t even know who this author was or what she’d written!  Host, Charlie Rose remembered interviewing her several times over the years.  As the videos rolled, I was fascinated!  My morning coffee got cold as I sat there spellbound!  What a remarkable writer she was!
Sophie & Willy wait for breakfast
 Ms Ephron has the gift to be able to put into words the ideas and concepts that are vaguely in our minds but most of us are unable to articulate.  This principle is what makes a gifted writer.  One line she said prompted this entry in my blog.  She said (and I’m paraphrasing) ----

“The concept of what may happen ‘next year’, when you’re 70 is much different than when you are 42”  

Wow! I had been trying to explain to a friend why I am the gypsy I am and why I’m not willing to waste even a minute of these years - the urgency I feel to attack the “bucket list” of things I want to see and do while I still can.  I’ll be 72 this summer and times a-wastin’ !  My mantra could be “Life is short, eat dessert first”!

good by and good riddance, TS Debbie!
Now, on the table beside me sits two of Ms Ephron’s books – “I Remember Nothing” and “I feel Bad About My Neck”.  This adventure will take me far afield, while I sit in my little Travel Trailer waiting out tropical storm Debby as she attempts to drown SW Florida. 

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  1. I loved all of Nora Ephron's movies, she will be missed. Great boat ramp photo!