The pleasure of little pleasures:

We all have them – those snippets of little pleasures through out the day - the little things that lift my spirit or make me smile.  Like many busy people I sometimes don’t have time to be totally aware of these tiny moments and be grateful for them. 

I was putting clean towels into the linen closet.  I’d done this a million times in my life.  I realized that although I enjoyed this, I hadn’t been consciously aware of the little pleasure it gave me – that it made me smile.  That morning, I took time to actually be aware of the sweet smell of fresh linens – enjoy the touch of the terry cloth and pleasure of seeing the colors as they lay together on the shelf.  I surprised myself in realizing I’d always enjoyed this experience but hadn’t consciously appreciated it. 

Do you have a favorite place to have your morning coffee?  It’s my little ritual – a simple pleasure I indulge in.  When traveling, I try to park my travel trailer in such a way that I can watch the day begin out of a window where I have my coffee.  At my house I have a favorite window too.  Seeing the night give in to day is a small pleasure

Another simple pleasure is the way the sunlight dances on grass as filtered through tree leaves and branches.  It always delights me.  I like the feel of my little dog on my lap.  Her warmth and complete trust in me is a little pleasure.  Watching the movement of a river or stream carry sticks or leaves downstream is fascinating.  Some whirl and dance around rocks or downed logs, others seem to get stuck there and I watch hopefully for an extra force to free them to continue their journey.  There is the glint of light on the wings of a dragonfly – very brief, but a simple pleasure to see -the movement of wind across a grassy field. 

Did you like to lay on the grass when you were a kid and watch the form of clouds as they drifted overhead?  Another simple pleasure. 

So, so many simple pleasures I need to be aware of and be grateful for.  How wonderful is life!   ~Pam 

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