Precious Mem'ry

“Precious Memories, how they linger….”  so goes the first line of that old hymn.  Precious indeed.  As I slide into my 7th decade I’m amazed at all the rich memories life has given me. 

In my little town in SW Florida, trains go through several times a day.  If I’m not distracted doing something, the train whistle brings back memories of my childhood in a little Kansas town criss-crossed with train tracks.  We’d put pebbles on the track to see the cars smash them to powder.  Rich kids put pennies on the tracks.  

On the “Goodies but Oldies” radio station I sometimes hear the tune “Sleepwalker” by Santo and Johnny.  I am again 18 and a curvy waitress in a roadhouse diner.  I’d match the truckers for a dime to play that song on the jukebox.  Now, hearing that tune returns me to that time of hope in a wide open future and the promises it held. 

I’m sure we can all relate to what things trigger our own memories.  I read once that in our brains, the part that stores memories lays right next to the part that stores our sense of smell.  A whiff of Chantilly perfume brings memories of my mother as it was her favorite fragrance. 

On this day, spread out on the spare bed, is a quilt top almost ready to be quilted.  The blocks are Friendship Blocks or Memory blocks.  My many friends have each written in the white portion of a block.  Some blocks have a name and city, some have an email address, some have a nice quote, some - name only.  Once finished, I can lay under it - touching each block. - bringing the memory of that friend back to me and relive our times together.  What a treasure!  What Precious Memories.  ~pam


  1. we sung precious memories at my paternal grandmothers funeral. so just your title brought back memories of her, she used a face powder with a orange and black speckled container. they still make it and when i see it or smell it she comes to my memory. all kinds of things bring back memories. for my mother she loved what i called tacky plastic flowers, so any time i see them, she is there. thanks for the precious memories

  2. I still have a big pink bottle of Chantilly lotion in the top drawer of my nightstand. When I take it out and smell it or use it, Gramma is right there with me.

  3. The quilt you are making is a wonderful idea and will be great to bring memories of all your friends when you want them. It is amazing how scents bring all kinds of memories flooding back whether good or bad.