why do we do that?

Why oh why do we do the things we do?  A recent experience has me asking this old, old question. 

Human kind is a social animal.  We tend to live in groups of like minded beings.  But sometimes we become so self-absorbed, we forget to even be aware of other individuals’ existence at all.  Case in point:  I just came back from a 7 day cruise ship experience.  (a fun time for sure).  It was puzzling to find groups of self absorbed people standing and blocking passage of others at the top of stairs, doorways or even elevator entrances.  No one else can get through.

They’d step out of the elevator, then stop right where they were to discuss their next destination while the rest of us had to push against them before the elevator doors closed to send us to a floor we hadn’t chosen.  An escalator can be a real case in point.  It dumps you right into their midst like it or not.  I wore out the word “sorry” and “excuse me” as I pushed through them.  If I am guilty of doing this myself, I guess it’s payback time.


  1. Inconsiderate people are with us always and that includes those that stop and block doorways, elevators, aisles,etc. I have learned to grin and bear it as I politely push my way through. By the way, a wheelchair hurts a heck of a lot if it runs over your toes when you don't move politely out of my way!!

  2. Yeah Vicki; They just don't know there are other people in the world that may be a bit different than themselves. Connie would keep bumping her foot rests against the heels of a person who would keep backing up against her chair. They'd whirl around to snap at her, then be ashamed that they'd not been more attentive. Most would even apologize