spring re-visited

Spring is such a lovely season - why not experience it again? 

This week I did just that and traveled to the Suwanee river area of Florida for a few days of R&R at my favorite campground.  I haven’t seen dogwood bloom since I moved permanently to SW Florida.  I’d forgotten the surprise to see the stark white of the blossoms tucked among the new spring green of other trees.  I wonder if Red Bud can live here?  They always followed the dogwood trees in bloom in the MidWest.  I hear different birdsong.  I can recognize the cardinal.  Not being a true birder - other chirps and twitters I can’t name, but enjoy them all the same.  There are the tiniest white flowers scattered among the grass that I can't name but can still enjoy.

In northern Florida,  Spring seems more gentle, more soft and quiet unlike the Spring I wrote about a few blogs ago.  Don't you feel the hope in the season of spring?  This campground owner already has his tidy garden of tomato and pepper plants set out. 

Robert Goulet sang “if ever I would leave you, it couldn’t be in springtime”.  I feel the same about the time I will eventually clock out of this life.  It just couldn’t be in springtime!  I’d miss too much!  ~pam


  1. i have not seen dogwood in many years, none here in bradenton that i know about. georiga has tons of it this time of year.

  2. We have dogwood here in Pennsylvania but they won't be in bloom for weeks! Enjoy spring because we are still getting snow today, UGH!

  3. It's so pretty here in north Florida, we have dogwoods in bloom and redbud trees and all the new spring-green leaves on the trees. Wonderful. I love your photo!