This morning was the first foggy morning of many that we’ll have this winter in SW Florida. 

I love this kind of morning.  Although the flow of traffic - trucks, cars and school buses are the same as any weekday morning, the fog seems to dampen the sound somehow.  It is mystically quiet.  Like being inside a dream that you can barely recall when awake. 

In one way, it is like the first soft snow of winter.   That too seems to dampen sound, making the world a grey/white blur of quiet, like a Monet painting.  Only the impression of the trees and houses penetrate the fog.  Sharp lines are blurred and softened, like the softened sounds all around. 

Don’t get the idea I want to experience winter and snow again.  No way!!  Memories are enough.  I tell folks that if I want to see snow, I’ll buy a picture calendar.   

P.S. the photo is not SW Florida, but was taken in Missouri last summer, but it's pretty isn't it?~Pam


  1. There are a few days here and there when I wish I had a really good camera with a telephoto lens. There is a field I drive by every morning, and it's usually a bit misty, because it's a valley. The mountains are soaring in the distance, and in this field is a small herd (maybe 8) of gorgeous Belgian horses. They are always on the other side of the field so a picture is impossible.

    Some day. When I'm rich. I'll buy myself a camera that can take a picture of them.

  2. Thanks for commentating. That horse was our summertime neighbor in Missouri. It lives a most pampered life. Its owners feed, groom and care for it but never ride it. Now, that's the good life.

  3. Hi Pam. Thanks for sharing the mystic fog photo, and the horse, be still my heart! Beautiful majestic creature.

    Also, thanks for sharing you blog. Be sure to visit mine when you have time.

    I can't remember if I asked, do you live here year 'round?

  4. Hi Wild Magnolia;

    I call myself a transplant to Florida from Missouri - got a FL license on my car. I return to Mo for a few months each year to visit family and old friends. Anyway, that suits the gypsy in me.