Oh how I love local newspapers!  When I’m traveling, I always like to buy the local newspaper.  I will read everything, from local news articles, upcoming events, editorials and even skim the classifieds.  What is for sale?  Cattle?  Which breed?  What is the price of housing?  What sports do the local highschool participate in?  Are there issues to be resolved about street lighting, school board squabbles, fresh water or sewer problems?

What can give me the flavor of a community better than seeing what is considered important to the local people?  All this is addressed in the local newspaper more accurately than the glossy brochures from their local Chamber of Commerce. 

Now, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my seasonal visitor and special friend and neighbor here in SW Florida brought me The Chronicle Herald from Halifax, Nova Scotia!!  Even the insert ads are interesting.  Canada Tire has 30% off on your own sauna “safe, reliable and easy to assemble”.  I have never imagined having my own sauna.  Maybe Missouri’s and Florida’s hot, humid summers mean I’ll pass on that.  She couldn’t have brought me anything I’d have liked better. 

Are you a newspaper reader?  I understand that people younger than my 70+ years get most of their news from the internet.  I’ve no argument with that.  But for now, I’m glad I can pick up the daily newspaper from my doorstep, get my morning coffee and read what is going on in the world. 

Now – to a major gripe with my partner.  Our Sun Herald comes in several sections.  The stickler in me requires that I re-fold the section I’ve read back to its original order when I’m done.  Then I pick up section B to read about the latest squabble at the City Council meeting.  Councilman X accused the Mayor of mis-handling city funds.  Voices are raised in the Council room--- to be continued on page 4.”  But there is no page 4!  Where is it?  Did he take it to the bathroom?  The porch?  Or is that it crumpled up on the chair?  By this time my blood pressure is up. 

Watch for tomorrow’s newspaper headline – “Man beaned with skillet in the Senior Citizen Mobile Home Park.  Charges are pending”. 


  1. before i retired in 2006 we got the news paper and i read most of it, a month after i retired i realized i was not reading it so stopped it. i get my news off the internet. never have read a paper from another city. when my kids were small, i got up at 5 to have and hour and half alone with coffee and newspaper. but not now. to busy withe email.blogs.photography. my dad was like you, he had a fit if anyone touched his paper and until he was done with it. as he finished a section we were allowed to touch it, but not until he finished. he started at the front and went page by page. i always went to the Local/comics/then scanned the front section and obits

  2. If I had the time, I'd read the newspaper. Have been debating getting the Sunday edition, but I'm just not home enough to read it. This morning we were in the mountains, no newspaper-reading there!

    But, I love the police blotter, and I'm glad I can read it online. Here are two entries from yesterday. I can't help but laugh, more at the writing style than anything else.

    Police got a report on Friday from a 65-year-old man who said a 57-year-old male friend had assaulted him, but officers said an investigation revealed that the 57-year-old had acted in self defense and that the alleged victim's assault complaint was unfounded.

    A woman called police Friday to say that her 40-year-old female friend had been assaulted by a 49-year-old woman and a man on the 10 block of Ninth Avenue. However, police said the victim wouldn't cooperate with the investigation, and they categorized the case as "exceptionally cleared."