Its just the gypsy in my soul

Itchy feet -- rolling stone – gypsy -- vagabond – all of those terms could describe my wanderlust.  I love to travel.  I love driving down the road just to see what might be around the next bend – what might be the charm of the next little town I go through.  I like travel even if I’m not doing the driving.  Seeing new things, people and places is a thrill of discovery. 

Recently a friend described a trip she was making saying it’s just a few hours drive from home.  I was happy for her as she loves trips like this.  But in the back of my mind, my hidden gypsy mind said – “only a short trip?  That would be over too soon.” 

By examining my silly response I knew that for me, travel itself is a goal.  The destination is secondary.  I love starting out on a journey of several days in my small motor home.  Gasoline has severely limited my travels, but I pack in as much enjoyment as possible per mile.  This summer I will return to the Mid-West to visit family and friends for a month or so.  I’ll take a slightly different route so I can see different things along the way.  How many routes are there through Alabama?  I’ll let you know. 

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  1. I have always had a case of wanderlust myself. I love to leave town and head anywhere! It does not matter to me what the destination is all that matters is that I am on the road watching the world unfold as I go by and enjoying the diversity that is this great country.