Spring is a riot!

 Do you like classical music?  I’m not a serious student of music, but I like the quieter pieces.  CD’s I buy are usually piano pieces by Chopin, Liszt or Debussy.  Igor Stravinsky is not my type, but his piece “Spring” from his suite “The Four Seasons” is a composition I understand, if not actually like listening to.

Stravinsky is trying to express the energy of Spring with a dis-harmonic cacophony of sounds from the orchestra.  Spring is such a busy season in Nature.  Winter is being flung away, to be discarded like the dirty leaves that have accumulated around my SW Florida home.  Mocking birds are having a war of notes over who gets to preside over the neighborhood from the prized location of the top of the life oak tree.  The Honey Bell orange tree next door is pushing new buds out while still trying to ripen the remaining fruit from last year.  Orchid trees, Jacaranda, azalea, and the acres of citrus groves around me are straining to begin new growth.  Even insects are beginning renewed life.  I see many honey bees and the annoying ant hills are appearing again.

You can just feel the push, push, push and rush to get on with living life renewed.


  1. same over here a couple hours from you, spring is here and green is polking its head through. your video does not play. our oaks are throwing out the brilliant green and the brown things that make me sneeze

  2. Living in the great white north of Erie, PA spring is not anywhere near poking it's head up through the debris left by winter. It was snowing only yesterday! We can't really ever expect to see even a glimpse of spring until late March and that is pushing it. I envy you that spring is starting already in your area.
    I love classical music including the quieter more relaxing music that you talked about. One of my favorites is Eine Kleine Nocht Music by Mozart. Have you checked it out? That and Pachabel's Canon.