Happy Easter!

What is the weather like for you this Easter morning?  I have to remember Easter isn’t always in spring.  It depends on what hemisphere you live in. 

As would be expected in SW Florida it will be hot later in the day.  We’ll take off our church clothes and resort to our uniform of flip-flops and T’s.  My kids who live near St.Louis will have rain and maybe storms again. 

I remember soggy Easter days when I was a kid in the 1950’s.  A pretty new dress, maybe patent leather shoes and every thing was wet!!  Easter egg hunts on soggy turf.  Gathering cracked muddy eggs.  This was before the sanitary plastic eggs with bagged jelly beans inside.  Advance to the 1960's - I remember one dress I made for my little girl.  It was pale yellow with a white dotted swiss pinafore.  She looked like a lemon sherbet.  Then, my two little boys in white shirts and tiny bow ties.  As soon as dad would tuck in one shirt tail, the other boy’s shirt tail was flapping. 

This Easter is a quiet one for me with just my two small dogs and a fostered parakeet.  I am not at home.  I’m in Central Florida for a few days in my RV so I can paddle the many springs nearby.  Summer will come any time now making the sun too intense for this old hide. 


  1. just hubby and me and the two dogs today, and we are the same as you since we live only 50 miles from you. growing up in Savannah, we never knew if it would be wet, cold or hot, so mother always made a dress with a matching jacket and we always got new shoes, my brother and I, to use the rest of the year for Sunday Best

  2. Happy Easter! Today it is just Jim and I along with the dogs Kai, Rommel & Scamp. Ashley is visiting her dad and grandparents today so the house is very quiet. No sunshine here today, we had plenty yesterday with temps in the seventies! That was almost too hot too fast for this time of year! Doesn't it figure, I complain about the cold and then when it gets warm there I am complaining again! Have a great day.