truth and truer truth

A good novel has a way of speaking a truer truth.

Non-fiction writing has a truth, but a good novel can say a truer truth.  I read that somewhere or heard my old English Prof. say it in class.  Its somewhat like attempting to explain with words what can only be felt. 

My teen granddaughter has been visiting from Missouri for a while and we’ve done so many things I like to do while she’s been here in SW Florida.  Spring is almost summer – days have been sunny, hot and dry.  No rain while she’s been here.  Perfect!

We were kayaking one of the broad, tidal creeks of Charlotte Harbor.  Like all modern teens, she had her cell phone and was trying to text to a friend what she was experiencing.  She looked up at me, flung out her arms and said “It’s so peaceful, I can’t find the right words to tell Janie what it’s like”.  I said, “I agree, there are no words for this”.  It was such a joy to see her experience and love these things that I love as well.  She leaned back and let her arms extend until her fingertips skimmed the water. 

This granny isn’t a cookie baking granny.  I don’t fit that mold at all.  But like passing along a treasured family recipe, I was privileged to pass along my love of nature and be able to show her the beauty that our world has when we can look with eyes to really see.   ~pam


  1. i am not a cookie baker either, i vote with the two of you. what a wonderful memory you gave her.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful experience for both of your spending time together enjoying nature. I am sure it will be a memory both of you will treasure forever.