White noise

White noise:  A term I never heard of until a few years ago.  Now, I have my own living example of it. 

Pretty Boy is a green parakeet I am fostering until his momma gets out of Rehab.  His soft twitters, cheeps and occasional “pretty, pretty, pretty” fill in the background of the house with pleasant sounds.  My recently visiting granddaughter said it was like “white noise”.  I like that term.  Pretty Boy does it to perfection.  

Wish I had a photo of him.  But don't know how to do it without cage wires in the way.  I tried shooting through the door and he went into a panic with that big, black eye poked at him.  Don't blame him at all. 

I told Ginny that when I get old(er) and can’t get around anymore to care for doggies, would they get me a parakeet as a pet?  It won’t have to be walked, or fed expensive food.  Parakeets hit a high point of popularity when I was a teen.  We had them when I was a kid. 

Anyway – what is the definition of “old”?  It seems “old” is always about 5 to 10 years older than I am at the time.  At this rate, I’ll never get there. 

Are there any pet bird lovers reading this?  What kind of bird do you have?  Are you glad to have one?~pam


  1. I don't have a bird, but do have white noise since it rained 2 days ago. our white noise are the dratted tree frogs that make noise after the rain. white noise is a noise in the background that you get so used to it you don't notice it, so i am praying for the frogs to become white noise. i like my pets to have 4 legs... not feathers

  2. I love birds and have had several cockatiels and parakeets. I don't have any right now because my niece Ashley that lives with me is allergic. Maybe when she graduates from college in a few years I will get myself another bird for some pleasant white noise of my own.
    I also agree that "old" is definitely 5 or more years ahead of my current age. Great attitude to have, you will never grow old which is great.