Begger, begger

Pet owners will understand when I say I’m silly over my doggies.  Yesterday, one year old Sophie got what she wanted without me asking her.  Huh?  Does that make sense? Here’s the scene:

I was sitting in my rocker with my laptop concentrating on an email.  I was a bit hungry so had gotten a slice of cheese to nibble on.  Sophie was playing with a toy.  Then, I noticed her from the corner of my eye and she was completely still.  That’s not normal.  I looked directly at her.  She was sitting straight up on her little hind-end looking at me with those begging eyes. 

Of course, I got the hint and she got the cheese.  It made me laugh.  We’ve been teaching her to sit up for a treat when we use the word “sit up”.  This time, I hadn’t said anything.  I was ignoring her.  But, she knew what she needed to do.  She just had to wait for her human to catch on.  -  Ahh, my pets always make me smile.  What funny things do your pets do? 


  1. Baby does the same thing, and it is funny because she is a hound dog, and weighs 57 pounds, to see her sitting on her butt sends us into much laughter. and she does it just like you just said, without being asked to when she sees something she wants.

  2. Aren't the pets funny! And, they do the same things. And we respond in just as funny a way.

    How did 'baby' get her name? She's a lap full now at 57 lbs.