A cliché by any other name is still a cliché.

   Watching the sun rise this morning, coffee in hand, the sky really is a rose gray .  Like the color gray  of a mourning dove.  Rosy gray.  ….”the rosy fingers of dawn”…..Actually, we are going to have a foggy morning here in SW Florida – typical of late winter.  The sun will burn through by mid-morning. 

As I write the above, I can see my old English Prof hovering above me, red pen in hand.  He hated, hated, hated clichés.  Rhetoric 101 is where I realized how much of my speech was littered with clichés and proverbs.  I’m a late bloomer.  By the time I was sitting in Rhetoric 101, I was already a grandmother.  So – as the cliché says – better late than never! 

Was it the author Taylor Caldwell who wrote about some southern characters whose speech is cluttered with all those old proverbs?  When I read that short story I thought “Gad! Those women sound just like me”  I’d sure hate to have to listen to me for very long. 


  1. Good thoughts, and the photo goes so well with them!

  2. I don't know if it was Taylor Caldwell because I have never read any of her short stories although I love her novels. Another good author that writes characters with a great deal of southern slang, etc. is Fanny Flagg. Her books are great. Glad I found your blog.

  3. they are cliches because they are TRUE and it is the rosy fingers of dawn. beautiful shot. I am southern to the bone

  4. Vicki;

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm kinda new at this and just learned how to respond to your comments.

    Do I understand your dog is a therapy dog? They are such a blessing. My partner's brother has suffered a massive stroke, yet he knows when the son brings his little dog to the nursing home. Even though W. can't talk anymore, he pats the little dog with a withered, wobbly hand.