inside a city

Peculiar how memories flit in and out of my old brain.  Talking to my daughter in St.Louis, I was reminded of the strange, little quiet, pocket neighborhoods you can find hidden in a big metro area.  If any of you have lived in a large city for any span of time, you’ll know what I’m about to describe. 

These areas are usually isolated bits of two or three blocks of older homes of mixed architectural styles, – maybe tucked in behind an interstate highway and cut away from the rest of the community they used to belong to.  They almost turn into a small town of their own.  Dogs can wander freely.  Kids play ball in the street.  Men can work on their cars right at the curb.  There may be a small convenience store or tavern still left from older times.  A town within a big city.  -  An anachronism.  

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  1. i have never lived in a big city, but there are places like that all over Georgia and Florida and I think you live in one. not part of a big city but just like this.