A Stickler is a Stickler

At last, I’m reading “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” by Lynne Truss c. 2003.  What fun!  I am indeed a stickler – at least on some issues.  Ms Truss validates my inner need to ‘fix’ things I think are done wrong.  I do ink in a missing apostrophe or change ‘there’ to ‘their’ in a sign – at least if I can reach it with the pen I keep in my purse.  I just can’t help myself!  I try to do it on the sly though.  I even go so far as to change the direction of a toilet paper roll in a public place if I don’t’ think it is hung ‘right’.  A close friend admitted to doing the same surreptitiously.  Wouldn’t you know any close friend of mine would be a stickler too? 

Once, I worked in a large office building which had the familiar stick-like figures on each restroom door to indicate men and women.  All the women figures had no heads.  A secret misogynist had slyly went around and scraped off the part of the decal for the woman’s head.  Is there was a message there??   


  1. me to on the stickler part. i am not a germaphobic about clean things, but i am a stickler for things being right side up, in the "correct" place according to me, pictures that are crooked are always straigtened by me, even my doctor office and i do hate photos that are hung to high or to low, per me

  2. I would have drawn the women's heads back on, or perhaps simply scraped off the men's!

  3. I am proud to join the ranks of sticklers also! Where do I sign up, is there a secret handshake?
    We should all hold our heads up high and realize that we sticklers keep the world from subsiding into chaos.